An opportunity to join an agile .NET development team supporting a thriving business in the North West.

Senior .Net Developer

  • Research & Development
  • Knutsford


What will you be doing?
Work in a small, cross-functional team on various web services supporting our business. Areas of functionality include handling orders, licensing, management of software releases, financial reporting, and the CMS hosting our blog and the Daily Swig.
Practice full-blooded Agile, with pair programming, TDD, obsession with quality, rapid release cycles, and frequent team retrospectives.
Learn from and share your knowledge with a close-knit group of high-performing individuals.
Get to grips with the very latest web security threats and how to mitigate them, ensuring that our own security posture is as strong as possible.
Our near-term roadmap
They are currently working on a range of greenfield functionality, including a replacement for our existing support center, and a new educational site for learning about web security including interactive vulnerability labs.

Our client’s are in the process of modernizing our development tool chain and production infrastructure to fully embrace today’s cloud capabilities. Their new infrastructure makes use of various AWS services, including Fargate, Lambda, ELB, Aurora, CloudFront, and Quicksight.

You must be exceptional
Let’s be honest. Most software development teams are composed of one or two stars, a few competent players, and a bulk of warm bodies who make up the numbers. Our client is completely different. They only recruit people who, in any other team, would be right at the top of the ability pyramid.

Many of their developers hold PhDs or First Class degrees from top universities. They were the cleverest kid in their class at school. Outside of work, they are the smartest person in the room.

What skills are we looking for?
Being clever is only the start. What makes the company successful is the way their people work together. They routinely program in pairs, stand around a whiteboard puzzling over a problem, and liaise with the in-house researchers to understand the latest security threats.

You must thrive on being surrounded by other exceptional people. You’ll know there is always more than one perspective on any problem, be willing to have your thinking challenged, and help work towards a consensus. There are no defensive prima donnas here. Since you’re no longer the smartest person in the room, it’s your emotional intelligence that will let you succeed.

In terms of tech, they don’t fixate on knowledge of any particular stack, since you’ll be able to learn anything new very quickly. Of course, you’ll need to know core .NET and C# inside-out. Aside from that, some knowledge of SQL, REST, and JavaScript would be beneficial.

Tooling includes Jetbrains Rider, xUnit, git, NuGet, TeamCity, Docker, and various AWS services. Prior experience of these would be beneficial but is not essential.

Be well rewarded
We firmly believe in paying people what they’re worth to us, not just what we can get away with or what they could earn elsewhere. We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level, and this is always determined based on your individual skills and contribution.

In addition to a generous base salary, we offer share options and a comprehensive benefits package.

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