We are looking for experienced developers to help us continue this growth and take our software development and our products and our services to the next level, bringing new ideas or ways of thinking to the team.

Software development and innovation is one of the key focuses at the company and plays a major part of our success and our drive for excellent service.

DevOps Engineer


What’s the role all about?

As a DevOps Enginner  your role is to ensure that we design, engineer and deliver web application platforms to support the rapid and safe development and release of high quality code. You will enable the delivery of the businesses web applications and APIs to ensure they are maintainable, scalable, resilient and on time, to business requirements. You will also assist in the automated installation, configuration and updates of our client’s servers.

What will my responsibilities be?

  • You will implement the automation of the end-to-end deployment process.
  • You will have responsibility for storage, network, security, scalability, resilience; load balancing, failover, deployment and monitoring.
  • You will assist in moving the businesses legacy architecture and deployment practices over to modern CI/CD pipelines
  • You will also assist in the development of systems and RESTful APIs that integrate customer systems with our internal management platform (for this we primarily use Go and some Python).
  • Manage and maintain the monitoring and alerting systems to support day to day operations Develop the architecture of our existing platform and assist in the design and build of new systems
  • Collaborate with colleagues on unique challenges at scale – potentially running operations on thousands of machines at once
  • Build out new environments from scratch as required by the business
  • Plan system and network maintenance whilst minimising impact on the internal team and customer live environment.
  • Use automation extensively and proactively suggest opportunities for automation. Primarily we use Ansible for configuration management, though there is some Saltstack that we are migrating away from.
  • Improve system stability and resilience
  • Proactively monitor all systems with the goal of pre-empting and avoiding issues
  • Provide 3rd line support in incidents.
  • Complete and maintain Technical Documentation relating to the Infrastructure and DevOps responsibilities
  • Adaptable to changing business requirements and projects as needed

Knowledge and Experience – Essential

  • Excellent Linux / Windows system administration, scripting and automation skills (primarily with RHEL/CentOS).
  • Experience with one or more of Go (Golang), Python, Ruby, Bash, Perl, PHP, etc
  • Experience deploying PHP applications to LAMP/LNMP stacks
  • Commercial experience with Openstack, either from an administration point of view or deploying to it
  • Web-hosting experience highly desirable
  • Experienced in monitoring tools, frameworks and processes using Zabbix
  • Server installation, management and updates in a large complex server environment e.g. 10,000 servers
  • Experienced in full automation and configuration management using tools such as Ansible or Saltstack.
  • Deep understanding of HTTP and web service technologies
  • Large scale operations environments
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail with demonstrated workload management and problem solving skills
  • Personable, enthusiastic, and articulate
  • Ability to manage competing timelines and priorities in a composed and open fashion Proven ability to differentiate when to take action independently or to partner as a team.

Skills required – Essential:

  • Excellent Linux system administration, scripting and automation
  • Some scripting/programming experience, preferably in Go, Python, PHP or Perl
  • Monitoring tools, frameworks and processes
  • Full automation and configuration management using Ansible / SaltStack. Experience of
  • Puppet/Chef is ok although we do not use these tools internally.
  • Building Continuous Integration / Delivery Pipelines in Gitlab CI or similar tool such as Jenkins/GoCD
  • Strong familiarity with Git and GitLab/GitHub
  • Strong knowledge of networking
  • Top-notch Googling skills

Key Skills:

  • Linux system administration, scripting and automation, monitoring tools, frameworks and processes
  • Web hosting experience, must be adaptable and dynamic and be comfortable at all levels from scripting, programming and configuration management.

Key Technologies:

Some experience in the majority of the following, or equivalents, is desirable:

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Ansible, Saltstack, Go, Python, Bash, Perl (legacy), LAMP stacks, Openstack, Docker, Openshift, Git, Gitlab, GitlabCI, Elasticsearch, Zabbix, Redis, RabbitMQ, Ceph, DRBD, Pacemaker, haproxy, nginx, PostgreSQL, Kong, Proxmox

The role comes with the following benefits:

  • Pension Scheme with significantly higher matched contributions
  • Birthdays off as an extra paid holiday
  • A Tax paid bonuses of £1000 after 5 years, and an amazing £10,000 after 10 years with the team
  • Private BUPA healthcare cover after a years’ service
  • Full paid maternity leave for first 16 weeks and full paid paternity leave for 2 weeks after two years’ service
  • Award-winning training and education centre with three full-time teachers who help you obtain accreditations, develop and learn
  • An extra weeks holiday the year you get married
  • Coming soon : Share Scheme – own a piece of the business you help build

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