MySort is here to bring you the very best roles that suit your skills and place you in a career for life.

So whether you’re looking for a career change, a new challenge or the next big step up in the world of work, MySort is here to help you!

How did MySort begin?

Born out of our sister company UKFast, we realised we had an incredible set of contacts and the scope to set up our own business.

We developed the recruitment team, finding the most skilled people who trust their gut instincts and have a duty of care when it comes to candidates, and grew MySort from there.

Based at UKFast Campus in South Manchester, MySort is a team of consultants who have special skills in headhunting and can tell in an instant if you’re right for the job.

How does MySort work?

We use psychometric testing to identify your key strengths and find where your values truly lie to match you with the role that will help you grow, develop and reach your lifelong goals! Psychometric tests assess your personality, how you interact with others and how you react under pressure. They also show the areas of your life you see as most important and where you focus your attention – these are all key ways MySort can identify the industry and role best-suited to you.

What is culture?
MySort sees culture as a feeling within a company and what a workplace does to make their team feel valued and indispensable. A great culture means all the team are singing from the same hymn sheet.

MySort culture
We’re always looking to work with people who share the MySort values: innovative, dynamic, passionate, professional and supportive. It doesn’t usually take long to get the measure of someone and know if they’re for you. We hope it’s you!

Assessment days
If we think you share our passion, we’ll invite you for one of our MySort assessment days. This is a great chance to get to know you personally and see where you would be best placed. On an assessment day at the MySort HQ in Manchester, you’ll meet the team, ask all your burning questions and do some fun activities with the other candidates.

The main reason MySort uses assessment days is to get to know you better! We may hold presentations or funny games to break the ice and see the true you. This enables MySort to place you in the best suited company dependent on your values and personality.

Your dream job isn’t far away!
Like what you see? The MySort team are on hand to help you reach your potential and find the career you’ve been dreaming about.