Beyond CVs and snap-judgements, we drill down to the core of who you are and what you stand for.

We match people with businesses based on ethos and values, resulting in long-term career pairings.

Our Core Values


Take a look at our own psychometric analyses and you’ll find a team of highly driven people, with a high care gene. These qualities mean we’re dedicated to delivering the absolute best outcome for the businesses for whom we recruit and the individuals we place. It is really simple: we care.


We’re excited to find that perfect match – to pair incredible businesses with extraordinary people for the long run. That’s where our passion lies. We’re here to help you grow as a person and as a business.


Recruitment can make or break a business. Equally making a career move is daunting and can impact every area of a person’s life. Entrusting us is not a responsibility that we take lightly. Our ethics and values are centred on maximising candidate retention, placing people into long-term roles for careers and businesses to grow side by side.

How we do it

MySort specialises in partnering with fast-growing businesses where technical and creative personnel are essential to facilitate the organisation’s plans for growth.

Working with startups, scale-ups and enterprise-level clients where time to hire, cultural fit and an outstanding candidate journey is essential, we focus on the people that make businesses great.

Psychometric profile and analysis

Our psychometric profiling techniques enable us to move beyond CVs and traditional interviews, providing insight into candidates’ goal orientation, drive and beyond. These data points help candidates to learn more about themselves and their ambitions, whilst matching them to businesses based on shared ethos and values.

Aptitude test

Alongside our psychometric profile process, the aptitude test breaks down a candidate’s strengths and growth areas, helping to ensure that responsibilities within new roles match the candidate and business needs perfectly.

Assessment days

Going beyond traditional interviews, our assessment days, first and foremost, help us to get to know you better. These days provide a two-way street, enabling us to get to know you and your personality, whilst you’re able to ask us those burning questions about future career moves.

Specialists in disciplines and locations

Our consultants are specialists in disciplines and locations; they’re able to share insight, key market data and competitor analysis giving our clients an advantage identifying and securing top talent.