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About MySort

We believe that the right sort of people can work in any environment, anywhere and make a difference.

Our sort of people have passion and are not afraid to throw it into their work. They have great attitudes that allow them to take on all kinds of jobs in all kinds of situations. And they have drive and determination to be the best at what they do.

This is also what we are looking for in our candidates and in fact, the companies we work with. Our dedicated specialists work closely with industry leading businesses to find them the right candidates.

Our placement team here have over 15 years experience in the field, successfully placing over 500 candidates.

We've worked with a variety of organisations from start-up enterprises to international blue-chip companies. Regardless of size, MySort specialists work to the same guidelines for each organisation: to place the right sort of candidate with the right sort of business.

To get this right, we go the extra mile. How many recruitment agents do you know that will spend a day working in the role so that they can get a better feel for it? We like to understand what a job 'feels' like in order to make a connection with the perfect candidate.

The MySort aim is not to focus on qualifications but skills, aptitude and personality to place candidates in a suitable environment. The benefits of finding the right person are huge for both the individual and the business in which they find a career.